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Seven Generations Charter School


After 14 years of successful operations, Seven Generations Charter School (SGCS) is answering the continued demand of parents and community members of the Lehigh Valley by expanding programming and enrollment. With the acquisition and renovation of a new building and campus, SGCS is ready to expand its operations to meet these needs. This expansion will include the addition of a Kindergarten classroom, the expansion of the Middle School program, our specialist classes and outdoor learning program. Through this expansion, enrollment will increase by 30% in the next three years and further support the accessibility to Seven Generations’ high-quality public charter school for at-risk student populations. The goal of this plan is to:

1. Expand local opportunities for school choice with the addition of one Kindergarten class and a 7th grade team (2023-24), and an 8th grade team (2024-25).

2. Increase diversity among student populations by enrolling more students of color, varying ethnic backgrounds, and economically disadvantaged student groups as reflected in the demographics of our largest sending district.

3. Provide the expansion of our specialist departments to meet the standards and needs of our middle school program and to remain academically competitive with local sending districts.

4. Expand the SGCS outdoor learning campus to support the mission and vision of the school and to provide a unique public charter school model to the local population.

5. Provide long term sustainability of high-quality public charter schools for future generations by supporting and advocating for school choice.

SGCS has created a successful charter school with an exceptional operational track record and academic performance serving over 18 school districts. The PACSP grant will support the funding of curriculum, furniture, technology, equipment and expansion personnel to support this expansion plan.

Seven Generations Charter School
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