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Renaissance Academy Charter School


Renaissance Academy Charter School was incorporated in 1999 by local parents wanting a high-performing school in their community. With an outpouring of community support, Charter School opened in 2000 with 560 students serving K-8 grade on the now Valley Forge University campus and has since grown to 800 students by adding a high school grade level each year. By 2015, the Charter School outgrew the facility and transformed an old textile plant into a thriving Charter School Campus on the Northside of Phoenixville servicing 1,098 students K-12 grade.

Renaissance Academy Charter School goals:

1. Expand local opportunities for school choice, as evidenced by the school’s growing waitlist;

2. Increase diversity by enrolling and supporting students of color, varying ethnic backgrounds, economically disadvantaged and other at-risk or marginalized student groups;

3. Provide long-term sustainability of our high-quality charter school to benefit future generations amidst ongoing funding cuts and increased regulations;

4. Provide additional educational space for future expansion and additional opportunity for a larger, more diverse student population long-term.

5. Provide a diversity of programs to meet the ever-changing needs of post-secondary education and career choices; while preparing our students for the demands of tomorrow’s workplace.

The Charter School has created a world-class educational model that has a track record of operational excellence and offers an education that is driven by high-expectation that all students succeed. The Charter School has explored the design and will secure the appropriate construction financing for the new facility. CSP grant funds will support the purchase of the additional curriculum, furniture, fixtures, technology and equipment necessary for implementing the proposed expansion plan, along with the recruitment and training of additional highly-qualified personnel to help ensure the expansion plan’s success.

Renaissance Academy Charter School
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