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Bear Creek Community Charter School


Bear Creek Community Charter School was organized in 2001 following the local public school district’s decision to close a small, high-performing elementary school that primarily served three rural, mountain-top communities. With an outpouring of community support, the Charter School opened in 2004 with 98 students in a 100-year-old-schoolhouse and has since grown to 468 students in kindergarten through eighth grade, operating on a 311-acre campus. The Charter School plans to expand its operation from 468 students (two sections of each grade, kindergarten through eighth grade) to three sections of each grade, kindergarten through eighth grade. The goal of this plan is to:

1. Expand local opportunities for school choice, and meet an ever-increasing demand for enrollment as evidenced by the school’s significant (and growing) wait list;

2. Increase diversity among the student population by enrolling more students of color, varying ethnic backgrounds, economically disadvantaged and other at-risk student groups from within the chartering school district (a charter school population that more closely reflects the demographics of the chartering school district);

3. Provide long-term sustainability of our high-quality charter school to benefit future generations amidst an anti-charter school climate and ongoing threats of funding cuts and increased regulation;

4. Provide additional educational space for future expansion to four sections of each grade and additional opportunity for a larger, more diverse student population long-term.

The Charter School has created a successful educational model that has been time-tested over a sixteen-year period, with a track-record of operational excellence and academic performance consistently outperforming the chartering school district. The School has completed the design of a new facility, has secured the appropriate construction financing, and has a shovel-ready project prepared for implementation beginning this year. CSP grant funding will support the purchase of the additional curriculum, furniture, fixtures, technology and equipment necessary for implementing the proposed expansion plan, along with the recruitment and training of additional highly qualified personnel to help ensure the expansion plan’s success.

Bear Creek Community Charter School
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